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Month: April, 2012

The Timeless Lure of Ithaca

Built in the classic traditional manner of American country lifestyle and comfortably perched on a hill, is John Joseph Inn Elizabeth Restaurant in Ithaca. At this hidden oasis, the air is like wine- It makes couples lighthearted and young, and suffuses their eyes with that dreamy fog of love. In this photograph; witness a cherished moment […]

A Glamour Affair-Tracey Lomrantz And Eric Lester

  So, here is a sneak peek at that fabulous wedding of blogger, Tracey Lomrantz of Glamour Magazine fashion and her sexy husband Eric Lester, at the chic Angel Orensanz. This is one hot wedding we can’t wait to share with you! Soon….

Love on The Back 9

This foggy, dreamy, romantic image from Kiersten & Mike’s wedding, set on a Golf course at the Woodlands Mansion,  explains it all. It captures quite beautifully and honestly, the real connection and mutual respect, these two long time friends and lovers, have for each other.

Tribeca Grand Wedding

Here is a sneak peek of Sutherland & Burk’s wedding at the Tribeca Grand In New York City. It was a night of dancing, hugging and such positive energy in the air. More to come!

True Love is Hard to Find

TRUE LOVE IS HARD TO FIND – Love can be so radiant and powerful that as wedding photographers, we enjoy capturing those authentic moments as they unfold. Witness a precious moment in time, where undeniable love has taken its rightful place in our hearts and in the hearts of many, only to become a part […]