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Month: August, 2012

Robert & John

FRIENDS ARE THE SUNSHINE OF LIFE – When Robert & John first met in New York City, they knew at that moment, they were more than just passing acquaintances; they fell madly in love and became inseparable. Now twenty years later, in a more enlightened New York; they stand shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye […]


MY MOONLIGHT ROMANCE – That cloudy day in May, turned out to be the perfect spring day for Jay and Natalie’s wedding! Despite chances of heavy PM Showers, the smiling sun, slowly, but surely poked her happy face, through the foggy clouds, until natural light took hold of the day. Meanwhile, behind the red brick […]

Brian & Natasha

ROAD TO ITHACA – We drove to Ithaca this summer, for Brian and Natasha wedding and we can’t tell you, how delightful this trip was. Ithaca is gorgeous and everyone there was so warm and friendly, we only wish we could do it all again.  The ceremony was a mixture of customs from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. […]