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Portraits in The Park

Lindsey and John

Rue Saint-Therese & Vincent

Billie & Marina – Montreal is a cinch to have an engagement shoot, especially if you live here in the U.S. and are fond of romantic things. This sweet little city with its lush green parks, is reasonably priced, has an abundance of charm,  and is easy to get to-not to mention the food is delicious!

Central Park, My Dear

Lindsey & John

Affectionate dreams about this girl

NIRAV & ARTI – With their three day wedding affair, less than 20 days away, Nirav & Arti wanted to have a little fun around New York City. First they enjoyed an ice cream Sundae, at the local cafe in Brooklyn, then it was off to central park for a little romantic play.

Daniel and Jessica

  Bayard Cutting Arboretum

How to get married in New York-Happy anniversary Lisa & Ben

Ben & Lisa’s note -Thank you for being awesome friends and capturing the best days of our lives For those of you who loved Lisa and Ben’s playful engagement pics, here the fun continues with their wedding pics! When we found out  both Lisa and Ben were zealous skateboarders, we just couldn’t resist incorporating that […]

Romance in May

One Year Later

Haaris & Sarah    

Kisses in Winter Wonderland!

It’s official: we’re in love with New York City winter! Our feet nearly froze off doing this shoot, but it was more than worth it! And we had an excuse to warm up in The National Arts Club with a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate. Thank you Gramercy Park, thank you skies for the snow, thank you […]

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