How to get married in New York-Happy anniversary Lisa & Ben

by Charles David

Ben & Lisa’s note -Thank you for being awesome friends and capturing the best days of our lives

For those of you who loved Lisa and Ben’s playful engagement pics, here the fun continues with their wedding pics! When we found out  both Lisa and Ben were zealous skateboarders, we just couldn’t resist incorporating that into their wedding shoot. Lisa even decided to buy a new dress, just to be able to skateboard on her wedding day. She was originally going to wear her Chinese Qipao, which she wore for the engagement shoot in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, but decided it wasn’t a good match with her skateboard.  Needless to say, she scored a winner at Bopkat Vintage,-a place which she describes, is like a museum. The selling floor only displays part of it’s entire collection, so ask a salesperson and dresses will appear.

How to get married in New York

Ben and Lisa


We had a ball documenting Lisa and Ben’s special day and were honored to be a part of all the fun and games.

Lisa got  her hat custom made to match the dress by Margaret Duncan of Bridal Veil Falls. She had this to say of them, Margaret (being super talented) was super detail oriented and would not let me take the hat home until she had seen the dress first. She designed the flowers on the hat and added the net to give it more pizazz. She was very accommodating and had my new hat ready for me within a day.

The bouquet is made of white peonies which Lisa and Ben got from the Flower District on W. 28th Street

Ben’s ring was designed by Stephen Webster for Garrard!

The cake was a gold airbrushed Opera from Almondine bakery in Dumbo.