Natasha & Brian’s Review

by Charles David

THANK YOU – “With all of the details that go into planning a wedding it can be extremely daunting to choose a photographer.  After all, the photographer(s) will be capturing all of those very details you agonized over so that you can sit back weeks, months, years later and reflect on how seamlessly (forgetting, for self preservation, just how much went into planning your day) it all came together .

The questions that arise when choosing a photographer can range from the images themselves… How is the aesthetic quality?  Will they capture your relationship’s personality?  Are they varied enough?  Will they make you and your family happy? To the potentially harder to answer questions like – Will I want this photographer around If… I am having a nervous breakdown one hour before the ceremony because the millions of little details that I thought would be fun DIY elements are still up in the air and I need to put my clothes on!  Charles and Tatjana don’t just answer these questions, they exceed all expectations.

When we first saw Wrinkle in Time Photography’s work on their website it was clear they didn’t just capture images from a wedding or an engagement, they capture the feeling and emotions of the event as well.  Having moved away from NYC a year prior we weren’t able to meet with them face to face but Charles and Tatjana  called and emailed persistently but with tact and eventually found a time to “Skype” with us.  We spent a good hour “meeting” them screen to screen and at the end of it we hung up and looked at each other with expressions that reflected a sense of familiarity… Charles and Tatjana make you comfortable from the start.

Charles and Tatjana arrived at our wedding a few days in advance and made themselves comfortable, mingling seamlessly with our families while quietly snapping candid pictures and constantly planning for the following days.  While we were confident that they would be creating some outstanding images we weren’t prepared for just how well they captured the emotion of the days.  Looking back on the set of photos today we are immediately launched into the wedding week and wedding day.  Charles and Tatjana are extremely talented, professional, inspired and inspiring photographers… in a strange way their ability to focus on capturing all that is involved in our wedding actually helped us be more in the moment rather than get swept away by all the little things that grappled for our attention.

Consider yourself lucky if you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and doubly lucky in snagging Wrinkle in Time Photography as your wedding photographers.”