The Horrible and The Miserable

by Charles David

In Woody Allen’s movie Annie Hall, you might recall a scene in the bookstore where Alvy Singer (Wood Allen’s character) discribes to Annie Hall (played by Diane Keaton), the two kinds of people in the world – the horrible and the miserable. The horrible are those who have suffered some kind of personal tragedy or disfigurement, or are facing a terminal illness. The miserable are everybody else.

Poorly designed shoes are responsible for more than 80% of foot problems today and can only lead to misery. Our delicate feet contain more bones than any other single part of the body, so the health of our feet directly affect the health and poise of the whole body. The happiness and misery of our feet can not be overlooked and therefore needs special attention when choosing their decorum.

The leather dress shoe is one of the most important accessories of historic proportions to complete a man’s wardrobe, to date. It is the embodiment of style and enlivens any ensemble.


It needs no formal introduction and possesses the rare ability to slip out of the evening wear look and ease comfortably into a more casual feel for the downtown crowd.

Men’s leather shoes today, come in many designs and styles, with more than a handful of leathers to choose from. The top drawer shoes, are constructed with one of three types of leather, Calfskin, Pigskin or Kidskin and are favored by most skilled Artisans.

If you’re a hard working professional who’s passionate about his health and looking to purchase a stylish pair of leather dress shoe, then my suggestion is to have it custom made at any cost. Quality, comfort, style and assurance can only be fully provided by a shoe that is made for your feet. Don’t be dissuaded by high price tags or friends with cheap taste. A well made (and properly looked after) pair of leather dress shoes will hold you in good stead for several decades!


The experience of finding your first pair of shoes, should be an unforgettable one. From the foot measurements, picking the type of leather, the finish, even the type of leather you want on your uppers (the top part of the shoe made with leather no more than twelve weeks old) are all part of the fun. Designing something to your specifications, especially something as important and delicate as shoe, will gives you a little idea of how important, a well made shoe is. The Shoe maker will  fit you with the perfect pair of kicks, to last you a life time.

If you need your dream shoe, may I suggest Tincati, on Madison Ave and 63rd St. Or, a man I consider the godfather of style, Alan Flusser over at The Alan Flusser Custom Shop. Alan has a fine selection of shoes and everything to suit your needs and you won’t have to worry about eager sales associate deluging your ears with sales jargon just to make a quick commission!

“Any man who respects quality footwear is likely to achieve success, because he understands the value of working his way up”